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"Artists' books are books or book-like objects over the final appearance of which an artist has had a high degree of control; where the book is intended as a work of art in itself."
Stephen Bury
>Take part in Husby Art Gallerys Artists' Book Salong.
It is an open salong and everyone is welcome to take part. Maximum 5 pieces pp.
>Send by mail or deliver in person at Husby Art Gallery.
We will not return the pieces after the exhibition. You will have to collect them yourself unless you want them to be part of the Husby Archive.
>Send an e-mail to husbykonst@husbygard.nu to sign up.

>Write down all details in the mail and also if you want to donate your work.
>Our goal is to create an archive of artists' books in Husby.

>Last date to sign up is October 18.
>You can submit your work at Husby Art Gallery bethween November 2 and November 8, Noon - 4pm.
Call 08-7511188 and ask for Sven.